View of the monitor wall with blue mood lighting
View of the monitor wall with blue mood lighting
Maurizio says - "It has been a total pleasure to commission the design and built of my studio to Josef at Studio People. The entire team has worked really hard to create the room I desired, offering interesting and creative solutions in terms of acoustic, ergonomic and design. After years mixing in some of the best studios in the world I feel confident to finally mix at home thanks to the fantastic work that Studio People has done Creating the room around my favourite speakers, the ATC 100s. Mixing the Television Show Call The Midwife 9 in the new room, Engineers that are used to work in Abbey Road and Air Studios have found the room very comfortable and reliable to work with, even for long hours of Mixing. I strongly recommend The Studio People to all composers wanting to create or upgrade their own space!"
Overall view with piano and surround bulkhead housings.
Wonderwall rear diffusion, suspension ceiling treatments and twin part glazed doors to Iso Lobby. The studio has direct access to outside via these.
All monitors are soffit mounted within solid wood housings.
View of the ceiling zone over the desk. The downlights have 3 colour temperature options and are all dimmable LED of course.
Autocad Plan of the Studio

Maurizio Malagnini

A writing studio for Maurizio Malagnini located in Bromley constructed as a fully floating structure to ensure perfect isolation to/from the room. The acoustics have been carefully tailored for a Surround/Atmos configuration based around ATC SCM100 Pro (front mains) plus the SCM25As for Atmos and surround. A custom Workstation completes the fitout including all the cabling and patching. Finishes are in Oak with completion in July 2019.