Acoustics are firmly at the heart of every project we undertake and we understand that every project has a range of different requirements. Utilising our long standing acoustic knowledge, built up over the last 30 years, we work with our clients to understand and build the acoustic specification you require.
With to our tried and tested industry standard design and construction methods, we are able to offer a contrcatural guarantee that every project we undertake will either meet or exceed the acoustic specifications.
Our acoustic specifications cover, but are not limited to, room to room isolation, room response and mechanical background noise.
On completion of the project we will carry out in-depth acoustic testing, with our industry standard equipment, to analyse the performance and check against the specification set.
We offer a purely consultancy focused service, ranging from noise related issues to specification requirements for your project.
This is ideal for when you already have a design and build team on board but still require the specialist knowledge that these projects demand.

As part of our service, your final setup can be calibrated to suit your requirements.