The Manchester College

The Manchester College full Music Studio design and installation at their Openshaw Campus as part of a re-location from City Centre. 

As Principal Contractor we installed 11 high performance Studio and Performance areas, constructed a new Entrance and covered all M&E elements. 

Finishes were in Oak with completion October 2012.

"The thing about recording studios in education is that you've got to make them as real as possible“ they've got to be just like commercial studios." Begins Martin Moscrop, Head of Campus for The Manchester College.

"With that in mind, I knew Studio People were the right guys for the job. In fact, this is the fourth install they've done for us."

The Manchester College project saw Studio People take a shell of a building and transform it into professional recording studios and production suites to very tight deadlines. Moscrop, who also moonlights as guitarist for cult indie band A Certain Ratio, has spent a life immersed in all aspects of the music business but took time out to give us his thoughts on the latest build

"The reason we keep getting them back is because they always deliver. With education you've got to be teaching all of the time, so any installation work has to be ready by the time the students arrive. And Studio People have shown again and again that they can work to very tight deadlines.

"The thing about Peter Keeling [Studio People Director], he knows about the equipment in the studio - he's not just an architect and a builder, he's also a studio boffin. So if you're talking about what's going into the racks and what desk you're going to use you don't have to give him much information because he's got that experience.

"There just aren't that many builders or studio designers that you could get that full scope of knowledge from. Then add in his knowledge of education, the commercial recording business, the equipment to use, the design features, acoustics, building considerations once you've told him your budget and the dimensions of the space you've got, he just goes away and does it all. And it's all built bespoke in their factory.

"The great thing about education is that you're giving something back. Your knowledge, your experience. I was a professional musician for 16 years, made lots of records, was signed to Factory Records, Island Records, A&M Records. Tony Wilson managed my band, A Certain Ratio and we're still going now, playing selective gigs around the world. My experience includes making 19 albums, owning my own studio and producing a lot of other bands. So when I had a chance to get involved with education, I thought this is something to get my teeth into. And having professional studios to teach them in the kind of studios I would be happy to record my next album in – means you can prepare them for work in the commercial sector.

"When I first started doing music technology we were one of the only colleges that did it in the UK, but now everyone does it. And here in Manchester we've got serious competition so the students have got a lot of choices. So if you're doing a music tech course you're going to choose the place with the best recording studios, it's as simple as that.

"Ultimately, Studio People have raised our game. So am I saying that we now have the best recording studios in Manchester? I would say so, yes!"