External view of the Chapel Live Room building
External view of the Chapel Live Room building
The Chapel presented an excellent space to create a unique Live Area with all the character of a Listed building wrapped around a superb acoustic recording experience
Under the Gallery is the iso/Voice Booth with large acoustic window overlooking the main Live area.
The Live Room is within the old Chapel and features variable acoustics and plenty of natural light.
To comply with Heritage requirements we kept the fireplace in view behind an acoustic window. Note the quilted door and rack design for that old fashioned look.
The large SSL Control Room features ATC main monitors and tons of outboard to complement a 'gentlemans club' atmosphere with custom printed fabric and dark stained wood features
External view of the snug Residential accommodation
We manufactured custom, matching, inner windows to ensure excellent isolation to/from outside with the originals having stone mullions and leaded glazing
The Live Room features a spiral stairs to the Gallery and you can see the custom Oak doors leading to the Booth and outside
The studio provides a 4 bedroom separate residential facility provide a real home-from-home atmosphere.
The Living Room as part of the residential facilities. There is also a separate ding room and Kitchen.
Autocad plan of the studio areas.

Vada Priory

Nestled in rural Worcestershire, this is Matt Terry's 2nd studio built by us following a very successful year at the Gaydon facility. 

Constructed within the Grade 2* listed Priory the Control Room occupies the original Drawing Room which conveniently sit's adjacent to the Chapel which we have turned into a fantastic Live Area suitable for Classical and Popular music recording. 

The studio retains the SSL G Series and ATC main monitors and provides variable acoustics within the Chapel Live area also fetauring a Gallery and separate VO Booth. Finishes are Stained Mahogany to the Control Room and Oak to the Live areas with completion in March 2015.