New CNC Router Table Installed at Studio People Workshop


Our manufacturing facility takes delivery of a new CNC Router table....

Ever striving to refine their manufacturing processes and improve productivity, our manufacturing facility is now the proud owner of a new ManTech M25 CNC router table.  

This is an upgrade to our previous CNC machinery and offers many new features, allowing us to further push boundaries and innovate our product designs further than previous technology allowed.  

Featuring the auto tool change option, we can now reduce manufacturing time by removing the need to reset the tooling for each pass.  3D milling and custom routing options are now also more easily achievable.  


This new addition to our machinery stock also allows a far more automated approach to providing our on-site studio build teams with the items they need, with little to no margin for error.  

This allows our team of craftsmen to devote more time to the handmade aspects of our output.