Private Music Studio, Libreville, Gabon...Designed around the SSL Duality 48 channel workstation, a fully equipped music recording studio initially installed in the client's private Villa. Monitoring is Genelec 8040/30 5.1 surround together with Dynaudio M3 main and KRK nearfield monitors with a 103" Panasonic Plasma just for good measure. Finishes were in Walnut with delivery by Antonov to Africa completed February 2012.

Right hand side racking with huge amount of delicious outboard. The swimming pool is just outside.

SSL with extensive patching and tons more outboard to the left hand side. Mick Glossop was our house engineer for the install testing and client presentation.

All racks feature Furman MDUs and there is a separate 2 x rack Machine Room for the 62 channel HDX interfaces, Mac Pro, Power Amps and 5kVA UPS.