Leeds Metropolitan University

Leeds Metropolitan University , Leeds, UK- Full demolition, design and construction of 6 x Control Rooms and 2 x Live Rooms. All areas have A/C and the contract included extensive A/V cabling works and workstation manufacture- completed in January 2004. Above is Studio 1 Control Room with a surround capable set-up.

Live Room 1 which has tie-lines to 3 Control Rooms

Studio 2 Control Room complete with Dynaudio BM15/BM6 5.1 surround system supplied and installed as part of the package

Live Room 2 - both LRs capable of recording full bands

Studio 4 (inset) and Studio 6 set-up as small 2xstudent off-line areas

Studio 3 Control Room which doubles up as a Booth adjacent to Studio 2.