Dinemec studios- phase 1

Dinemec Studios in Gland, near Geneva - Switzerland. Now completed, Phase I of this major project provides a 600 sqm fully isolated recording/rehearsal live area, a Neve equipped Studio 1, Gallery and Reception areas. Studios 2. 3 and 4 are still in progress with project completion mid April 2006

The Main Live Area provides 600sqm of 7m high space suitable for Orchestral Recording, Video shoots full stage reheasal and Performance. The space is fully isolated to NR20 with silent Air Conditioning, variable acoustics, 4m high loading doors to allow drive-in unloading and fully wired for up to 72 microphone lines into the adjacent Studio 1 Control Room or MCR central patch.

Studio 1 Control Room houses a Neve 88RS 72ch console, 48 channels of HD3 Protools, a Dynaudio Air25 5.1 surround monitoring system and tons of the best dynamics, mastering and effects outboard. Cabling is all back to a large Machine Room with central patching for all Mics and Tie-lines from the 4 live areas.

Studio 1 provides a very comfortable working environment for both client and engineer. The room has visual links to both the Main Live area and it's own, smaller, Live Room .

Studio 1 Live Room is 50 sqm with daylight, excellent acoustics and visual links to Main Area, Booth and Control Room.

Studio 2 Mix Room client area awaiting sofa and workstation

19 Mitsubishi A/C systems provide climate control for the entire facility. The Main Area has 8 linked split systems capable of cooling up to 120kw of stage lighting if required.