Bogani cafe

Bogani Cafe, Oporto, Portugal- Acoustic treatments, 56-zone audio system, Protools recording system, stage lighting rig and video projection- completed in May 2003

The cafe is a new development by Unicer on the banks of the river Douro. Our brief was to provide the best audio system possible for atmosphere, clarity and live performance.

The challenge was for a high performance system outdoors. This we have achieved using an 8x6 matrix of possible speaker positions (48 in all!) using 16 x Dynaudio BM6 studio monitors...all eq'd, levelled and delayed on several 1 button 'patch' set-ups. Effectively a 'near-field' set-up for every coffee drinker!

Live performance can take place in any 1 of 5 positions via mic boxes linked to Protools and a small PA mixer.

All equipment is presented within a stylish 'Operator Console' within the Cafe main area. Indoor audio is provided by 8 x Dynaudio BM15A studio monitors on 8 configured zones.

Video is handled by a large LCD projector onto a 2.4m screen plus a total of 4 Sony 42" plasma screens.