Soft Top Booth/VO Table

Soft Top Booth/VO Table
Pleasant looking Voiceover/Booth table, similar to the style of the modular workstations with a hardwood veneered border but here with a fabric covered central panel.

  • Available in three standard shapes (semi-circular, crescent, and corner), although we can manufacture any shape necessary for a given situation.
  • All models have cutouts in suitable places to allow cable access for any equipment being used.
  • Semi-circular model is ideal for placing underneath a window looking into a control room, allowing two or three people to sit around.
  • Corner variant provides a simple, easy work surface in the corner of a room, or can be placed up against three other corner tables to form a large, roughly square table for the centre of a room (also pictured).
  • Crescent model provides an ideal small work desk for a single person in the middle of a room, or can be combined with 5 others to form a large hexagonal centrepiece table, suitable for meetings or round-table discussion groups.

Options to be specified upon ordering:

Shape - Circular/Corner/Crescent/Custom
Nosing - Species
Fabric Inlay - Colour

Price can vary depending on size and quantity ordered. Please contact us for an accurate quotation.