Adjustable Script Lectern

Adjustable Script Lectern
As it sounds, this is simply a cloth covered panel in an adjustable wooden frame designed to support papers, music or scripts at a comfortable reading angle.

  • Solid hardwood construction provides strong and sturdy support.
  • Fabric covered inlay in the angled top, available in a variety of colours (click here to see availability).
  • Angle of the top section is adjustable to provide comfortable reading at any height.
  • Large enough to comfortably fit a single A3 sheet or two A4 sheets side by side.
  • Simple yet elegant construction fits into just about any style of room.
  • Frame can be made in any of the available wood species (currently pictured is Ash).

Options to be specified upon ordering:
Frame - Species
Fabric Inlay - Colour
Adjustable Stay - Brass/Stainless Steel