Modular Workstations


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Modular Workstations
Despite your best efforts, times will always change. You'll buy a new DAW, new outboard & a new control surface, your customers needs will change and you'll have to adapt to the new market quicker than ever to keep up.


Why make this a complicated process? 

 Why worry about where your new kit will go? If your technical workstation allowed maximum flexibility and expansion you wouldn't need to worry about accommodating your latest purchase, or having to buy new furniture to fit it all in. With over 20 years experience in building studios, we have meticulously refined our MSeries designs to be both modular, but also to encompass our company's belief that customization is key. Basing our designs on what our customers have wanted, and not what we want to make, the result is a Modular Technical Workstation range that meets your ever changing needs. 

 With ergonomics, aesthetics, cable access and future expandibility all thought of, why look at anything else other than M Series. Our team of master craftsmen have worked hand in hand with our expert design team to ensure M Series is of the quality your studio deserves. Solid and durable, M Series will last. Hardwood veneering, laminated inlay and hard wearing laquer all give M Series it's professional finish. Available in a range of timber species and inlay colours, M Series can match your brand, your room decor, or even just your favourite colour. Why not mix and match too!