paneldiffuser.jpgWhen we carry out a full Studio build project, we will use all of our own devices for acoustically treating the spaces. 

They are not limited to this use, however – they are all available as standalone items for use in any existing space, allowing you to completely change the sound (and look) of a room. 

The picture here shows a few of the core acoustic treatments we provide, as installed in a working recording facility:

- The left hand wall shows an array of our Acoustic Wall Panels, finished to a blue fabric.

- The wall directly ahead shows four large Polycylindrical Diffusers

- Large ceiling diffusers are suspended from the… ceiling. 

- A large acoustic double door set is present in the right hand wall.


Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Standing Panel

Acoustic Swing Panel

Acoustic Wall Panel

Ceiling Diffuser

Hard Corner Trap

Perforated Poly Diffuser

Polycyndrical Diffuser

Small Wall Diffuser