Polycyndrical Diffuser

Polycyndrical Diffuser
Wall mounted acoustic treatment unit, this is a large cylindrically curved wooden surface filled with Rockwool acoustic treatment foam.

  • Provides significant absorption and diffusion of a wide range of frequencies, primarily mid- to high-band.
  • Very useful for preserving the reverberation time in a room without introducing slap.
  • Available in half- or full-height versions. Half height versions are ideal for mounting high on a wall, allowing space underneath for furniture.
  • Heavy, sturdy construction, these will need solid timbers within the wall to which they are to be attached, or can be attached anywhere on a masonry wall.
  • Available as a painted finish or in any of the available wood species.

Options to be specified upon ordering:

Height - 2400mm height if unspecified
Width - 1156mm width if unspecified
Surface - Paint Colour / Wood Species