Hard Corner Trap

Hard Corner Trap
This is a fairly heavy free standing unit designed to neutralise low-frequency standing wave nodes, often particularly problematic in room corners.

  • Consists of a front facing grid of holes, acting as a Helmholtz Resonance trap, leading to a large cavity filled with acoustically absorbent Rockwool insulation.
  • Provides significant absorption of low-band sound, centred around a particular frequency (defined by the front grid spacing, to be specified upon ordering they are usually made to counteract the acoustic resonance of the room).
  • Available at half- (1200mm, pictured)) or full-height (2400mm). The half height version comes with an overhanging top plate, providing a small additional shelf/surface.
  • Can have painted or Hardwood Veneered finish, in one of the available species.

Options to be specified upon ordering:
Height - 2400mm height if unspecified
Angle - 30, 45
Front - Wood Species / Fabric Colour
Grid - Desired operating frequency