Feature Vision Doors

Feature Vision Doors
In addition to the standard door types, we also offer a range of feature-type doors, with much larger windows. Whilst this increased area of glass inevitably leads to a slightly reduced acoustic performance, they are nevertheless ideal for use in main entranceways, lobbies and other areas where aesthetics might be somewhat more important than acoustics.

Rather than simply having a small cutout with a window placed in it, these doors are instead manufactured with single very large piece of glass acting as the core of the door, with outer cladding layers then placed either side with holes cut in whatever shape is required. These cutouts are done in-house on our CNC machine, so we can really achieve any shape at all with no real increase in time or cost, allowing doors sets featuring a company logo or any other suitable piece of imagery as the vision panel.

The vision options listed are really only notional examples, designed to show the level of freedom available in customising the appearance. The photo shows a door of this type fully installed, with a large 'Zulu Shield' shaped window. Send us a sketch and we should be able to make the door exactly as you want it (subject to physical material restrictions).

Options to be specified upon ordering:
Wood - Species
Vision Type - As listed or custom (a drawing is required for this)
Door Furniture - Standard/Special

See price list - Cost will depend on choices of vision type and furniture.