DB1 - Demountable Booth

DB1 - Demountable Booth

What is the dB? It is an acoustically treated demountable booth that is fully modular allowing the user to adapt and move as they need. After being involved in the music industry for many years we have encountered numerous 'portable' booths which seem to fall at so many hurdles. We felt a more user friendly product was required with the same creative internal space we build into all our studios.
To start with we looked at the downfalls of existing portable booths on the market. The main issue we found was surprisingly how non-portable these devices really are! To dis-assemble the booths and re-assemble in the new location often required bringing the manufacturer back to do it, therefore encountering further costs whenever they need to be re-located. Our design is heavily orientated around avoiding this issue and with the full installation guide that comes with the dB1,  the user has the capability of moving the Booth whenever they need..easily in less than 1hr.

Acoustics:  this is obviously the key element to get right, the DB1 is acoustically treated for both mixing and recording purposes with a excellent reverberation response of 0.06s to 0.17s (T20) from 100Hz to 10kHz.
Although the dB1 is not designed for very high isolation of live drums etc, it still achieves a DnTw42 specification which when installed into a quiet, but not necessarily fully sound proofed space, will give great isolation.
Many booths on the market have noisy fan units meaning the fans need to be turned off when recording on microphone so this means no fresh air is entering the space and obviously not ideal when you are singing and using lots of oxygen! The dB1 has a fan assisted fresh air feed which meets NR20 allowing the user to breathe while recording!

Powering the dB1 is simple, all it requires is for the single x flex cable to be plugged into a standard 13amp power socket and away you go. The lights are wired onto a motion sensor (so no switch required). The fan has a speed control and supplies air via a high performance rooftop attenuator.

We felt the dB1 needs to look as impressive on the outside as it does on the inside  as you can see on the picture this really has been achieved and the exterior panels are available in a number of colours.

Another big issue with the existing booths on the market is price. The dB1 is designed to be an affordable solution for home studios, teaching facilities, voice-over studios, and Post Production suites alike.