Ceiling Diffuser

Ceiling Diffuser
Simple but effective painted curved panel, designed to diffuse coherent echoes from large flat surfaces (primarily ceilings). These items work very well at neutralising the vertical standing waves often found in parallel floor to ceiling arrangements).

  • Operates primarily at mid- to high-band frequencies.
  • Large curved surface available either painted or with a Hardwood Veneered finish in one of the available species.
  • Standard size is 1200mm by 2400mm, but these can be manufactured to meet any size requirement.
  • Can be mounted with lights hidden above to provide a diffuse ambient effect.
  • Very lightweight units, the full standard size can be lifted with one hand.

Options to be specified upon ordering:

Length - 2400mm length if unspecified
Width - 1200mm width if unspecified
Surface - Paint Colour / Wood Species