Acoustic Wall Panel

Acoustic Wall Panel
These are highly effective acoustic treatment solutions for rooms where 'full' cover treatments are not desirable or affordable. They offer a high performance solution to the control of room reverberation and monitoring reflections using tried and tested panel designs that we use in our studio projects.

  • Standard stock size is 1200mm by 600mm (pictured) but they can be manufactured to any size to fit individual room requirements.
  • Available in thicknesses of 63mm, 88mm and 113mm - these provide acoustic coverage at primarily high-, mid-, and low-level frequency bands respectively. The 113mm model is also available with an internal membrane, providing additional absorption at a specific low-frequency (to be specified upon ordering - usually taken to be the resonant frequency of the room).
  • Frame can be made from painted MDF, in a colour to be specified, or can be made with a wood veneer finish in one of the available species.
  • Front surface is finished with a fabric layer from the Cara range.

Options to be specified upon ordering:

Height - 1200mm if unspecified
Width - 600mm if unspecified
Thickness - 63, 88, 113, 113M
Frame - Paint Colour / Wood Species
Fabric - Colour