Acoustic Swing Panel

Acoustic Swing Panel
The next step up from the simple Acoustic Wall Panel, our Swing Panel Set is essentially two full acoustic panels hinged together along one long edge, allowing the set to open like a book. When fitted, one leaf of the 'book' will be fixed to the wall, leaving the second leaf free to swing into the room. The back cover of the 'book' is a hard panel, facing into the room when closed.

  • Standard stock size is 1200x600 (each leaf) although like Acoustic Panels these can be constructed to any requirement.
  • Hard surface on back of free swinging leaf (i.e. facing into room when 'book' is closed) is available as painted or veneered finish. Allows on-the-fly choice between soft and hard wall surfaces. Several swing panels in a room can provide a huge range of available sounds.
  • As per the standard acoustic panel, the Swing Panel set is available in 63mm, 88mm and 113mm thicknesses, providing primarily high-, mid-, and low-band coverage respectively (note that the thickness of the panel set will be twice these values when the set is closed). The 113mm model is also available with an internal membrane, providing additional absorption at a specific low-frequency (to be specified upon ordering - usually taken to be the resonant frequency of the room).
  • As with single panel, frame can either be painted MDF or can be made with a wood veneer finish in one of the available species.
  • Inside faces of both panels to be finished with a fabric layer from the Cara range.

Options to be specified upon ordering:

Height - 1200mm if unspecified
Width - 600mm if unspecified
Thickness - 63, 88, 113, 113M
Frame - Paint Colour / Wood Species
Hard Surface - Paint Colour / Wood Species
Fabric 1 - Colour
Fabric 2 - Colour