Acoustic Standing Panel

Acoustic Standing Panel
The next step up again from the wall mounted swing panel set, this standing panel is essentially just a movable section of acoustic wall. Several of these can be used together to provide massive control over the acoustics of a room.

  • Standard design has hardwood veneered surface on one side and a soft fabric finish on the other, allowing for maximum acoustic flexibility. The soft sides can be used to create a dead-zone within a large live space, or vice versa.
  • Feet are sturdy but unattached the panel can be lifted straight out for ease of storage.
  • Standard size is 2000mm x 1000mm (pictured) but they can be manufactured to individual specifications.
  • Exterior frame and feet are available either painted or with a Hardwood Veneered finish in one of the available species.
  • Soft side is finished with a fabric layer from the Cara range.

Options to be specified upon ordering:

Height - 2000mm height if unspecified
Width - 1000mm width if unspecified
Frame - Paint Colour / Wood Species
Hard Surface - Paint Colour / Wood Species
Fabric - Colour