Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors
Always a key element of any space that requires a high level of isolation, our
acoustic doors provide just that. At 70mm thick, solid cored, and weighing in at approximately 85kg for an average size, the sheer mass of the door itself provides significant acoustic isolation. Combined with magnetic and rubber seals around all edges to guarantee a really snug closure, these doors ensure maximum performance with an easy-close system.

When it comes to doors, no two Studio spaces are the same. The size, wood species, vision type and many other things will be different from job to job and as such all doors that we manufacture are by commission only and we do not stock any standard products.

These doors can be made in a variety of wood finishes to match the style of the room, or can just be plain painted for a simpler look. Pictured here are Oak and Walnut variations, with common porthole and DDA slot visions respectively. The visions in the doors are manufactured as fully double glazed acoustic quality windows, ensuring they are not the Achilles heel of the isolation.

Whilst there is a standard array of handles, pull bars and other door furniture that is used, like all of our products these doors are open to requests and we are happy to look into more complicated, stylised and fancy arrangements if you require. The photo here  shows a full acoustic door with a 'Kidney Bean' vision and long stylish pull bar. This is just an example of some of the options available.

Options to be specified upon ordering:
Wood - Species
Vision Type - None/DDA/Porthole/Custom
Door Furniture - Standard/Special

See price list - cost will depend on choices of vision and furniture.