Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
This is a very useful product to use if you are converting an existing office space into a acoustically viable space. Designed as a replacement for standard 600mm ceiling grid tiles found in many offices and work areas, these tiles are made as a simple open frame and covered with Camira Cara fabric. These can then be placed into an existing suspended ceiling grid along with a layer of Rockwool acoustic insulation above, providing a decent level of absorption across the entire ceiling, and also somewhat increased isolation from adjoining areas and floors above.

This provides a ceiling that is not only acoustically superior but also far more aesthetically pleasing than a standard office ceiling grid. As with standard ceiling tiles, of course, we can provide tiles with holes and cutouts to house new or existing lighting fittings, vents and any other items found in the ceiling.

Given the nature of this product, they are not ordered as single units but rather to fill a specified space, including edge pieces, angles, lighting tiles etc. So upon placing an order for these, we will  request all required information from your installer (or we can despatch our own Surveyor for a fee) to allow manufacture to commence.

Options to be specified upon ordering:

Finish - Fabric Colour