With the amount of equipment available now-a-days for a large range of budgets and the dilemma of mixing ‘in the box or out the box' choosing the right equipment can be a real task. 

With experience in audio electronics dating back to the early 80's we can help make the hard choices much easier for you, making sure you get the right equipment for the job, design the layout for the use you need and even help source those vintage pieces of kit that you can't just pick up the phone to buy!

Once the equipment is agreed, your technical furniture will be customized to suit the equipment and rooms need with cable management designed carefully to stop that messy pile of cables that always seem to appear!

With experience in wiring systems up from C24's to SSL Dualities to Neve 88RS we make sure all your equipment is up and running exactly how you want it to be and offer a great after support to give you that extra help when needed.


Installation of an SSL Duality 48 channel, 103inch TV, Dynaudio M3s and plenty of rack gear! – Technical furniture designed and manufactured by ourselves.

A few examples of studios we have undertaken technical cabling works alongside the normal design and build:

  • Bogani Café, Portugal
  • Bucks New University, UK
  • Castle Rock Studios, UK
  • Coventry University, UK
  • Dave Hewson, UK
  • Dinemec Studios, Switzerland
  • Hana Music, Location
  • Indigo Music, Portugal
  • Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
  • Mutt Lange, Switzerland
  • Nottingham Myplace, UK
  • Private Client, Gabon
  • Russell Watson, UK
  • USP Content, UK
  • Waves Recording Studios, Amsterdam

    Mutt Lange, Switzerland, stacks of rack gear - Technical furniture designed and manufactured by ourselves.

    Studio People - At your service.



    Our design consultants have many years of audio electronics and acoustic design experience plus many more specifically in the design of audio and television recording facilities.



    We carry out all site works with our own specialised team so all design drawings are followed to the letter. Our extensive team includes builders, carpenters, shop fitters, cabinet makers, plasterers, decorators, electricians and electronic engineers



    It's all very well building pretty rooms, but we're also about designing great sounding acoustic spaces that make sure the mix you hear is well balanced and accurate......right down to 30HZ!



    With the amount of equipment available nowadays we can help make the hard choices much easier for you!