Like any project, the cost is determined by several factors and it is important that these areas are well defined in order to properly match your expectations with the final product.

These factors include:

  • Acoustic and Isolation specification
  • Quantity of rooms required
  • Location of complex
  • Quantity of design input
  • Quality of materials and standard of finish
  • Workstation(s), racking and audio wiring issues
  • Type and number of Air Conditioning systems

Whenever you receive a quotation from ourselves it will always come with a full breakdown of costs, room by room, showing you detail from the quantity of acoustic wall being built and as far down as the waste management for a project – we feel it is important for you to understand where every penny is going in a project.

As well as a full cost breakdown you will receive detailed information on:

  • The full scope of works of the project
  • Acoustic specification for the space, covering isolation, reverb time, background noise and mechanical noise
  • Finishes, covering a range of finishing options
  • Mechanical and Electrical information, such as recommended air-conditioning systems, lighting etc.
  • Project length

An example of a typical control room with vocal booth


Studio People - At your service.



Our design consultants have many years of audio electronics and acoustic design experience plus many more specifically in the design of audio and television recording facilities.



We carry out all site works with our own specialised team so all design drawings are followed to the letter. Our extensive team includes builders, carpenters, shop fitters, cabinet makers, plasterers, decorators, electricians and electronic engineers



It's all very well building pretty rooms, but we're also about designing great sounding acoustic spaces that make sure the mix you hear is well balanced and accurate......right down to 30HZ!



With the amount of equipment available nowadays we can help make the hard choices much easier for you!