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Industry-proven professional studio products.

At the Studio People Ltd., we are unique in that when we undertake a Studio project, we not only build the rooms and facility on site but we also provide ourselves all the acoustic and studio furniture items that we go on to use in the rooms themselves.

This includes all diffusers, absorbers, traps, even large bespoke workstations and other technical furniture – every single item is designed, manufactured and shipped from our own large joinery workshop at our headquarters in Wales, by our own team with many years experience producing acoustic furniture.

With the design and manufacture capability we have at our disposal, the products that you will find in the following pages are by no means an exhaustive list – they are ultimately little more than a guide, and we can offer a great deal more than the basic concepts offered here.

Our watchword is customization – if you have an idea for something you want but can't find it here, contact us. We will be able to offer advice as to what is and isn't practical, economical, even simply possible. We can provide decoration, workstations, storage units, a mix of all three, or anything else that you might want, tailored to fit your precise requirements. You will never know what might be available until you ask.

For most large items, particularly workstations, it is often reasonable to expect heavy, even constant use for many years, and as such it is vital that they are not only extremely tough and enduring, but also well designed and practical, not to mention visually pleasing. With this in mind, as with a full Studio project, if you are commissioning any piece of fully custom furniture then we offer a step-by-step design process; we will produce technical drawings based on your suggestions and requirements, to be submitted back to you for confirmation – these plans can then be altered, updated and re-submitted as many times as is necessary until your are completely satisfied with the product.

Most of the items in the following pages are available with a range of options and finishes – wherever products are provided with a wood finish, we offer a choice of one of our six standard species of wood.

As mentioned above, of course, these are simply the standard wood species that we stock and offer. If you have other ideas then please, let us know – we can always search farther afield to find what you are looking for, though of course using any non-standard materials can (and usually does) increase overall manufacture time and cost.

Regardless, you won't find out unless you ask!

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