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The Studio People Are Moving

We are very excited to announce that we are moving to our amazing new headquarters...

From 3rd August 2015, we will be operational from our new base, in Criggion.  

We have spent the last year renovating one of the old Criggion Radio Station buildings, to transform it into an exciting new production facility. 

Our new building carries a lot of heritage.  It was built during World War II to communicate with submarines in the Atlantic Ocean, and was instrumental in the mission to sink the Bismarck in 1941.  During The Cold War, Criggion Radio Station was tasked with eavesdropping on Soviet radio signals for intelligence purposes.  

We feel very privileged to be surrounded by such heritage, and we are very much looking forward to many years operating from here to continue delivering first class services to our clients.  

Our new contact details will be as follows:

The Studio People Ltd
Shortwave A
Criggion Radio Station
Back Lane, Criggion

Tel: 01938 571148
Fax: 01938 571146

The Studio People Are Moving

Shortwave A Building