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Client Location and works
2nd Sense Broadcasting UK Elstree - New facility
2nd Sense Broadcasting UK Elstree - Film music studios
2nd Sense Broadcasting UK Elstree - Video Edit suite/workstation
A1 Vox UK London - Voice-over Booth
AAA Management UK Manchester - Music Studio facility
Aardvark Sound UK London - Post Production studio
Ace Centre UK Nelson - Venue, Theatre, Cinema and Recording Studio
AVD(FM)Ltd UK - Various projects
Alpha CRC UK - Cambridge - Voice Over Suite
Alwan Productions Libya Tripoli - Large music studio
Amar Productions UK - Birmingham - Med music studio
Amber Music Ltd UK London - Multi Studio and Offices
Audio Always UK Manchester - Voice Over Production Studio
Audio Works South UK - Manchester - Preview theatre, ADR and booth
Babel Media UK London - Voice Over studio
Bandwagon Studios UK Mansfield - Music Studio
Base HQ UK Newcastle - Control Room/Live Room/Booth/Rehearsals
BBC UK Elstree - Technical Furniture
Big Picture Music UK - London - Post production suites
Bizarre Creations UK Liverpool - 7.1 surround room for Gaming Audio
Bizarre Creations UK, Liverpool - 3 x surround studios
Blast Furnace UK Londonderry - Commercial multi studio for music
Bogani Cafe Portugal Oporto - Cosmopolitan coffee bar
Bolton Metro UK Bolton - Music Studio
Boom Post UK London - Post Production Studio 1
Boom Post UK London - Post Production Pods and Foley
Border Television UK Carlisle - Pre-production room
Border Television UK Carlisle - News Studio
Bowmar Centre UK Alloa - Technical Install + Furniture
Box TV Ltd UK London - Edit Suite
Bradford Cassette UK Bradford - Talking books suites
BTM UK Bradford - Talking Books studios relocation
Castle Rock Studios UK Manchester - Multi Studio/Rehearsal Facility
Catalyst Studios UK St Helens - Rehearsal rooms and Recording Studio
Cato Productions UK London - Custom workstation on a long-boat
Centro Television Germany Oberhausen - Voice Over suite
Chrome Digital UK, London - Dolby cert Audio production Suite
Chrysalis Music UK London - Control Room acoustics and workstation/wiring
Clearcut Productions UK London - Voice Over Suite
Clearcut Sound UK London - Post production areas
Coda Post Production UK London - 6 Edit and Audio Post production studios
Country Masters UK London - Custom workstation on a long-boat
Creative Assembly UK Horsham - Audio Suite for games
Creative Assembly UK Horsham - 4 x additional studios 1st Floor
Creative Assembly UK Horsham - 3 x additional studios Ground Floor
Creative Assembly UK Horsham - 4 x additional studios New Building
Criterion Software UK Guildford - Voice Over Suite
CSV Media UK Bradford - Teaching Control Room
Dan Doon Studios Kuwait City - Large music studio
Deep Storm Productions UK Strathaven - Music studio
Digital Audio Company UK Skipton - Voice Over Suite
Digital Heaven UK London - Post Production studios
Dinemec Studios Switzerland Gland - Major multi studio facility
DMC Management UK Slough - Med music studio
Dumbyank Productions UK Salisbury - Small music studio
Economist UK London - Video Shoot Studio
EMI UK London - Small music studio
Everything Audio Ltd UK Elstree - Technical furniture
Exposure Post UK London - Booth, technical furniture and acoustic doors
Final Cut Edit UK London - Dolby Surround Audio Suite
Finish Line Studio UK London - Custom demountable Booths
First Facilities Ltd UK Elstree - ITV Production truck
Fluke UK London - Med music studio
Focal Point Television UK Surrey - Video Production unit
Forge Recording Studios UK Wormleighton - Music Recording studios
Fremantle Media Ltd UK London - Edit and Audio Suites
Frontier Post UK London - Small Post Prod Suite
Frontier Post 2 UK London - 8 x Video Edit Suites/Machine Room/Reception
Fuse 3 UK Bolton - Music Studio facility
Games Workshop PLC UK Nottingham - Audio Suite for books
GAV UK London - Audio Suite and multi Air Conditioning systems
GCap Media UK Swindon - Complete Radio Studios/Admin facility
GCap Media UK Bedford - Complete Radio Studios/Admin facility
GCap Media UK London - 4 x News Booths for Capital Radio
GCap Media UK Manchester - Refurbishment of Century FM
GCap Media UK Fareham - Refurbishment of Ocean FM
GCap Media UK Manchester - New studios and Offices for XFM
GCap Media UK Cardiff - New studios at Red Dragon FM for XFM
Glenridding Hotel UK Lake District - Acoustic works
Heart FM UK Milton Keynes - Commercial Radio Facility
Goldust Studios UK London - 6 x Studio suites
Global Radio Leicester Square UK London - Radio On-Air studios
Greenhouse Studios UK London - Large music studio
Greenroom Films UK Edinburgh - Technical furniture
Gremlin Interactive UK Sheffield - Surround/Foley suite
GWR Group UK Wrexham - Refurbish radio suites
Hanamusic Studios Switzerland Montreux - New Music Production facility
Harewood Farm Studios UK - Med music studio
Harkstave Healthcare UK Lincoln - Isolated patient room
Headland Entertainment UK Leeds - Radio Broadcast facility
Headway UK Shrewsbury - Air Conditioning systems
Hillside Studios UK Bushey - Studio 3 refurbishment
History Channel UK Isleworth - New Audio Suite Sky building
Hive UK Shrewsbury - Venue isolation and HVAC systems
Improbable Games UK London - Audio for Games Studios
Indigo Musica Portugal Lisbon - Post production suites
Indigo Musica Portugal Lisbon - Voice over Booth
Input Media UK London - Audio Suite and Commentry Booths
Input Media UK London - Galleries and VO Booths
Inspire GLG UK Bewdley - Animation Audio Suites
International Broadcast Facilities UK London - Avid Suite and new Audio Transfer
James Boys UK London - Music Studio
James Warnham UK Caerphilly - Med music studio
Jar TV Ltd UK London - Post production suite
Jewish Community Centre UK London - Cinema and Multi-Purpose Hall
Jigsaw Music UK Swaffam - Large Music Studio
JMS UK London - Refurb Edit Suite+workstation
LBS Manchester UK Stockport - Refurbished Studio
Limetree Studios UK Norwich - Med music studio
Listening Books UK London - Voice Suites
Lou Stonehill UK Southampton - Music Studio
Lowfold Audio UK Lancaster - Large music studios
London Music Prod Co UK London - Large music studios
M62 UK London - Post production suites
McCann Erickson UK Macclesfield - Production Suite
Metzo South Ltd UK London - Studio acoustics
Meadowhall Television UK Sheffield - TV shoot area
Millenium Dome UK Docklands - Broadcast facilities
Microsoft Lionhead Studios UK Guildford - 5 x Sound Design Studios
Mindfield Productions UK Rotherham - Med music studio
Ministry of Information Kuwait City - Large Live area
Monocle UK London - Radio Studios
Mount Street Studio UK Nottingham - Self Build studios
Multimedia Centre UK Liverpool - 2 x music studios and furniture
MTA UK London - Radio Studio
Music Mint UK Malvern - Multi studio facilities
Nandos UK London - Studio in a Restaurant
NATS UK Rugby - Conference rooms
New Millenium Multimedia UK Devon - Med music studio
Nokia UK London - Audio studio suite
Oasis Holiday Village UK Penrith - Acoustic works
Oasis Television UK London - Post Prod Suites
Oblique Sound UK London - Writing Studio
Offset Audio Ltd UK London - Post Prod Suites
Oswestry Community Action UK Oswestry - Acoustic treatments
Pe de Vento Portugal Lisbon - Commercial music studio
Pink House Studios UK Bromley - Small music studio
Pepper Post UK London - Studio 4 audio post facility
Pig Music UK Banbury - Listed Barn Music Studio
Premier Radio UK London - Radio Studio refurbishment
Prime Voices France Lyon - Mutli-VO Studios and Offices
Q2 UK London - Broadcast studios
Rak Studios UK London - Large commercial studios
Real Time Worlds UK Dundee - Audio Suite for games
Red Facilities UK Edinburgh - Post production suite
Republic Records UK London - Composer studio
Richard Jacques UK London - Writing Studios
Riverman Creations UK London - Music studios
Riverside Radio UK London - On-Air Radio Suite
R.N.I.B. UK London - Technical furniture
Rocksteady Studios UK London - Games Software Audio Studio 2
Rocksteady Studios UK London - Audio Studios 1+3 refurbishment
Roger Jackson Associates UK London - Post production suites
SBS Productions UK London - Med music studio
SDL International UK Maidenhead - Studio Air Conditioning
SD Post UK London - Post production suite
Shell UK UK Birkenhead - Technical furniture
Share Radio UK London - 3 x On-Air Radio Studios
Side UK UK London - Multi studio Voice over facility
Silver Road Studios UK London - Multi-purpose studios
Skyhammer Studios UK Wirral - Music Studio
Small World Studio UK Yeovil - Small music studio
Soho Voices UK London - Voice Over Studios
Som de Lisboa Portugal Lisbon - Large music studio
Som de Lisboa Portugal Lisbon - New multi studio facilities
Sony Computer Entertainment UK Cambridge - Audio Suite for games software
Sony Computer Entertainment UK Runcorn - 2 x Sound design 7.1 studios
Sony Computer Entertainment UK Runcorn - 1 x Sound design 7.1 studios
Sony Computer Entertainment UK London - Re-build existing studios
Space City Productions UK London - Post production suite
Spirit Studios UK London - Small music studio
Splash Damage UK Bromley - Audio for Games Studios
Steve Parkes Music UK London - Music Studio
St Marks Studios UK London - Large music studio
Storm HD UK London - Audio Post Production Studio
Storm HD UK London - New Reception
Storm HD UK London - New studios - re-location
Studio 4 UK Fareham - Small music studio
Studio 7 UK Four Crosses - Small SSL studio
Studio Leva Ukraine Lviv - Mastering Studio
Sweet Justice Music UK West Sussex - Writing Studio
Tamborine Studios UK London - New Studio 3 and Client area
Temple Studios Malta - Large music studios
The Works Studios UK Stockport - Tastefull music studio
Tileyard Studios UK London - Multi Studio facility
Tonic Music UK London - Studio and Office facility
Touchstone Productions UK Beccles - TV shoot area & Booth
Touchwood Productions UK London - Small music studio
Trans World Radio UK Altringham - On-air Radio Studio facility
TVI Ltd UK London - Post production suite
UKTV UK London - Broadcast and Edit Studios
Unity Recording UK Inverness - Music Studio
Universal Music Group UK London - Music, Video and Mastering Studios
Universal Sound UK London - Foley suite
USP Content UK London - Multi-Studio Post/Video Studios
UTV Bradford UK Bradford - Commercial Radio Studios
Vada Recording Studios UK Gaydon - Residential Studio
Vada Priory UK Alcester - Residential Studio
Vale de Lobos Portugal Lisbon - New 5.1 Mix Room and Live Area
Videonetworks UK Welwyn Garden City - Voice Over Suite
Vinylizor UK London - Music Studios
Visual Data Media UK London - Production Suite
Vocal Suite Ltd UK London - 3 x Voice Over studios
Vox Media Ltd UK London - Audio Edit and Video Shoot studios
VSI UK London - Audio V/O Suite
Waveform Productions UK Worcester - Rehearsal and Music Studios
Wave Recording Studios UK London - 2 x Audio Suites
Wave Recording Studios Netherlands Amsterdam - New Post production facility
Wellcome trust UK London - Audio/Video studios
Wem Town Hall UK Wem - Acoustic Treatments
West Digital UK London - Audio Post Suite
Whistledown Productions UK London - Audio V/O Suite
Wired Masters UK London - Mastering Studios
Wrong Planet UK London - Small Control Room
Zipmix Algarve Portugal - Med music studio
Zoe Mode UK Brighton - Games Software Audio Facility


Client Location and works
468 Recording Italy - Music studios
Aaron Wheeler UK London - Writing studio
Andrew Dodge Music UK - London - Small composer suite
Andrew Neve Music UK - Oxford - Small composer suite
Audacious Media UK Hampshire - Technical Furniture
Dave Angel UK Swindon - DJ composer studio
Anthony Maynell UK - Farnham - Small composer suite
Bill Bayliss UK London - Composer studio
Brian Cooke UK Guernsey - Private music studio
Chris Blackwell UK London - Small composer suite
Chris Llewellyn UK Egham - Private music studio
Dave Bethel UK Herne Bay - Small writing room
Dave Hewson UK Bromley - Small composer suite
Dave Hewson UK Rye - Large composer studio
Dave Lee UK - Large composer studio
David Arch UK Pinner - Small music studio
GB Brooks & Co Ltd UK Stockport - Writing studio for Jon Brooks
George Shilling UK Oxford - Technical Furniture
Hansen Bass Music UK London - Small composer suite
Ian Livingstone UK Surrey - Writing Studio
Distant City Recording UK Ripponden - Mutli room SSL studio
James Durrant UK London - Private writing suite
Karl Francis UK London - Small composer suite
Libertines UK Margate - Private studio
Lion Eagle Records UK Newbury - Small composer suite
Mark Russell UK London - Small composer suite
Match Music UK Hampshire - Small composer suite
Mathew Woolf UK London - Private music studio
Private Client Switzerland - Private Music Studio
Nick Murphy UK Chester - Small composer suite
North Pole Studios UK London - Small composer suite
Patrick Stewart UK Oxford - Voice Over Studio
Paul Dakene UK Slough - Small composer suite
Penquin Café Orchestra UK Chard - Private music studio
Peter Martin UK London - Workstation/acoustics
Peter Quinton UK Purley - Composer studio
Phoenix Creative Media UK Skipton - Workstation
Presidence Gabon Libreville - High end studio and Mobile studio truck
Private Client UK, Buckinghamshire - Writing Room
Private Client UK Abergavenny - SSL Music Studio
QD Music UK London - Composer workstation
Chris Rae UK Marlow - Writing Studio
Rhydian Pughe UK Machynlleth - Music Studio
Richard Drummie UK Surrey - Composer studio
Rick Lloyd UK London - Small composer suite
Roger Boyce UK Southampton - Private Music Studio
Russell Watson UK Manchester - Personal Music Studio
Sail House Studio Grenadines Bequia - Equipment and cabling
Sam Dyson UK Bristol - Music studio
George Shilling UK Shipston - Technical Furniture
Simon Gardner UK Axminster - Garage Studio
Simon Greenaway UK Walton-on-Thames - Workstation
Gina Mellotte UK London - VO Booth
Interface Voice Studio UK London - Technical Furniture
North Pole Studio UK London - Writing Studio
Paul Lawler UK Newhey - Acoustic treatments
Sean Graham UK Portglenone - Studio new build
Steve Topping UK Maidstone - Writing Studio
Tim Clarke UK London - Private music studio
Tony Buzan UK Marlow - Private studio
Woodbury Studios UK Hertfordshire - Self Build Music Studio


Client Location and works
Ashton 6th Form College UK Manchester - Acoustics and technical Furniture
Bedford College UK Bedford - 3 Studios within the New Arts Centre
Black Cat Acoustics UK - Various projects
Bournemouth University UK Bournemouth - New build TV, Film, Video edit and Music Studios
Bucks & Chilterns Univ College UK High Wycombe - 2 x teaching studios
Bucks & Chilterns Univ College UK High Wycombe - 2 more teaching studios
Bucks New University UK High Wycombe - Multi-studio facilities within new Bld
Canterbury College UK Canterbury - New Music and Post Production Studios
Cemmaes Road UK Wales - Community Hall Acoustics + PA/Lighting
Centre for Christian Comm UK Durham - Teaching Control Room
Chethams College UK Manchester - Technical Cabling
Church Stretton School UK Shrewsbury - Acoustic treatments
City College, Coventry UK Coventry - Consultancy
City College, Arden Centre UK Manchester - 2 teaching studios
City College, City Campus UK Manchester - 4 Studios/5 Rehearsal Rooms/Theatre
Concord College UK Shrewsbury - Music Studio and Practice Rooms
Coventry University UK Coventry - Music, Rehearsal, TV and Radio Studios
Coventry University UK Coventry - Goldstein Lecture Theatre refurbishment
Coventry University UK Coventry - Student Enterprise Venue consultants
DeMontford University UK Leiester - Refurbish existing studio
Dudley College UK Dudley - New Build Teaching Music Studios
Eastbourne College UK, Eastbourne - New Build multi studio + Auditorium
East Surrey College UK Redhill - Live Area and Booth
Elmgreen School UK, London - re-build Music Studio
Eton College UK Windsor - Technical Installation
Greenvale School UK London - Acoustic Treatments
Harris Academy UK London - Teaching Music and Radio studios
Harris Academy UK London - TV Studio
Harris Academy UK London - Conference Room
Imperial College UK London - Technical furniture
Islington College UK London - Technical Cabling
Kendal College UK Kendal - Technical Furniture
Kidderminster College UK Kidderminster - Teaching studio and live room
Kidderminster College UK Kidderminster - Rehearsal and Drama area
Kings School UK Canterbury - Acoustic Products
Knowsley College UK Liverpool - Music Studio
Lancaster Foundation UK Clitheroe - Custom furniture
Lancaster University UK Lancaster - Control/Live Rooms and Theatre
Leeds Arts University UK Leeds - New build Music Studios, Auditorium and Film Studio
Leeds Beckett University UK Leeds - New build Music Studios and Test Chambers
Leeds City College UK Leeds - New build Music and Rehearsal Studios
Leeds College of Music UK Leeds - 2 x new teaching studios with live rooms
Leeds College of Music UK Leeds - 4 new Rehearsal Rooms
Leeds College of Music UK Leeds - 2 more Rehearsal Rooms
Leeds College of Music UK Leeds - Practice Rooms
Leeds College of Music UK Leeds - 2 new studios, AV systems, Reception Desk
Leeds College of Music UK, Leeds - 2014 Studios Project
Leeds Metropolitan University UK Leeds - 6 x new teaching studios with Live Rooms
Leicester College UK Leicester - Acoustic treatments to Wood Trades Bldg
London oratory School UK London - Booth and Technical Furniture
Malvern Youth Centre UK Malvern - Portable Booth
The Manchester College UK, Manchester - new Music Studios
Manchester Metropolitan University UK Manchester - TV Studio and Gallery/Breakout
Mary Webb School UK Shrewsbury - Small Protools Teaching studio areas
Merchant Taylor School UK London - Technical Furniture
Mid-Cheshire College UK Warrington - Technical Furniture
Mid-Kent College UK Gillingham - Performance Room, acoustics and Technical Furniture
Monkton Coombe School UK Bath - Technical Installation
Morley College UK London - Holst Room + Recording Studio areas
Morley College UK London - Technical Installation and new furniture SSL
Newcastle-under-Lyme College UK-NewcastleUL - New Build Music Studios
Newcastle under Lyme College UK, Newcastle - Performing Arts studios
Newcastle-under-Lyme School UK NewcastleUL - Acoustic and Isolation works
New College UK Telford - Small Teaching studio
Newtown High School UK Newtown - Music Teaching Studio
Northbrook College UK Worthing - Multi Studio build
Northbrook College UK Worthing - Multi Studio build
NGY UK, Nottingham - My Place facilities
NWCLC UK Birmingham - Music, video and editing studios
North West Kent College UK Dartford - Mutli-room studio facilities
North West London College UK London - Demountable Booths
Oswestry My Place UK Oswestry - New Build Studio + MPH
Penweddig School UK Aberwystwith - Acoustic treatments
Purcell School UK Bushey - New Build Music Studios
Royal Northern College of Music UK Manchester - Rehearsal Room
Sandwell College UK Birmingham - Multi-purpose studios
Sherborne School UK Sherborne - Protools Studio, Booth and Live areas
Sherborne School UK, Sherborne - new build Music Studio
Shrewsbury School UK Shrewsbury - Teaching & practice studio
Shrewsbury School UK Shrewsbury - Recital acoustics
South Leeds Youth Hub UK Leeds - Music and Film Zone Studios
South Manchester College UK Manchester - Small Teaching studio
Stafford College UK Stafford - 2 x Teaching Studios - Protools
Staffordshire University UK Stafford - Large music studio
Staffordshire University UK Stoke-on-Trent - Video shoot studio
Staffordshire University UK Stoke-on-Trent - Radio Studios
Staffordshire University UK Stafford - 2nd Music + Mastering Studio
St Lukes 6th Form College UK Sidcup - Music studio
Stroud College UK Stroud - Music rehearsal studio
Swanlea School UK, London - acoustic works
The Cutting Rooms UK Manchester - Small Teaching studio
Univers of Cent England UK Birmingham - Small Teaching studio
University of Central Lancashire UK Preston - Teaching Studio
University of Chichester UK Chichester - New Build TV, Film, Video Edit and Music Studios
University of Derby UK Derby - Teaching Music Studios
University of Glam Union UK Trefforest - Nightclub
University of Gloucestershire UK Cheltenham - Music Studios and iMac Labs
University of Hull UK Hull - Salmon Grove Music Studios
University of Hull UK, Hull - Middleton Hall Acoustic consultants
University of Hull UK Hull - Phase 1 + 2 Middleton Hall acoustics and SSL Studios
University of Leeds UK Leeds - New Interpreting Suite
University of Leeds UK, Leeds - Visual Communications Centre
University of Liverpool UK Liverpool - SSL Music studio and Performance space
University of Manchester UK Manchester - 8 Booth Interpreting Suite
University of Salford UK Salford - Technical furniture and wiring
University of Westminster UK London - Technical Furniture
University of Westminster UK Harrow - SSL Music Studio
University of York UK York - Post production Studios
Video Edit Training Ltd UK London - Small Teaching studio
West Notts College UK Mansfield - Technical Furniture and cabling works
Wolverley School UK Kidderminster - Recording Studios